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Development of a new generation cement slurry system by CNOOC oil and chemical division

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(Reporter Yu Ya-qin correspondent Zhao Chen Mingyi) learned on August 27 that the Cnooc Oil Field Chemical Division (hereinafter referred to as Oil and Chemical Division) Research Institute independently developed a new generation of low-density cement slurry system successfully applied in Bohai Sea. The cement slurry system, called PC-ECOLITE, is stable and cost about 25% less than the previous cement slurry system.

Starting in 2014, the oil division has been developing a new generation of cement slurry systems, based on low oil prices and aimed at improving performance and reducing costs. For more than a year, researchers aimed at artificial glass beads, which is an important component of the cement slurry system.

Artificial glass bead is a high performance filling material developed in recent years. Its application in cementing cement slurry industry can effectively reduce the density of cement slurry, but also bear great cost pressure. If the use of artificial glass beads is reduced to reduce the cost, researchers will have to face a series of chain reactions caused by the reduction of the material.

In view of the new problems, the research institute of oil and chemical department has been exploring and continuously designing the corresponding scheme, adding water, adding reinforcements, and developing low viscosity reducing water loss agent. Finally, a new cement slurry system was designed under the condition of reducing the use of artificial glass beads. The new system not only does not lower the performance standard, but also reduces the application cost by 25%.

The experiment shows that the mixed PC-ECOLITE cement slurry has low consistency value and good pumping performance, which greatly reduces the pump pressure in actual construction It makes the down-hole safer, and does not easily lead to leakage or pressure leakage formation and so on. In addition, the new system is helpful to prolong the life cycle of oil wells, to seal and protect the reservoir more comprehensively, and to provide a strong guarantee for the later development.

It is understood that although there are cement slurry systems with the same performance abroad, the price of the cement slurry system is much higher than that of .PC-ECO-LITE cement slurry system, which can not only reduce the cost for Party A, but also enhance the market competitiveness of the Oil and Chemical Division. 

(Transferred from the China Offshore Oil News)