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HGS-C series
  • Name:HGS-C20
  • Category:HGS-C series
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High performance hollow glass microspheres is a kind of hollow spherical white powder ultralight inorganic nonmetallic material. It is a new type of lightweight material which has been widely used and has excellent performance in recent years. Its main component is soda lime borosilicate glass with the true density is between 0.20-0.76g/cm3, and the particle size is between 2-130μm. The unique thin-walled hollow spherical structure of Zhongke Huaxing Hollow Glass microspheres features many excellent properties:

(1)Ultra-low density and more economical volume cost; 

(2) High resistance to isostatic compression to meet the requirements of different processing processes; 

(3) High sphericity with the effect of ball bearings to improve fluidity; 

(4) Low specific surface area, low oil absorption and high filling; 

(5) Low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation; 

(6) Low dielectric constant, good insulation; 

(7) Chemical stability, insoluble in most acids and bases; 

(8) Isotropic make the product size stable.


Strength Psi/Mpa 

(90% survival)

True density 


Particle Size Distribution